Par où commencer ? - Série 2 - Se lier. S'organiser. - Noises

Episode 5 September 27, 2020 00:12:20
Par où commencer ? - Série 2 - Se lier. S'organiser. - Noises
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Par où commencer ? - Série 2 - Se lier. S'organiser. - Noises

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Radio minutatures, une proposition de Haris Sahačić

Depuis juin 2017, Haris Sahačić, artiste sonore, mène, dans le cadre d’un projet européen de recherche et d’innovation soutenu par Horizon 2020, une recherche artistique sur “la quintessence en tant qu’espace public.” Ce programme radio est consacré aux compositions sonores résultant de sa recherche menée à Ljubljana.

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Episode 4

October 04, 2020 02:00:49
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Par où commencer ? - Série 3 - Apprendre. Rechercher. - Female artivism in the Middle East

The art of storytelling, the art of stories, is the subject explored by this first session of "Assemblea delle Lucciole"/diARiA, from Palermo, Sicily. Storytelling is a popular art form which has been revitalized as a performance art and as a community form of sharing and building. With the words, sounds and stories of creative female artists and cultural producers from the Middle East, we explore artivism (arts and activism), particularly through the community storyteller Sally Shalabi in Jordan and so in the Middle East, drawing on a postcolonial and intersectional feminism perspective that puts light on the female creative agency. Storytelling and sharing stories or "Cerchi di Parola" is also the practice of a community of women in a multicultural space "Casa di Ramia" in Verona, Italy. And we move also to the singer and songwriter Badiaa Bouhrizi in Tunisia who is the griot – the conteuse- with her Tunisian, Amazigh and African sounds. A podcast by Marta Bellingreri (diARia) With the participation of Sally Shalabi, Livia Alga and Fatima Lebròn (Casa di Ramia) and Badiaa Bouhrizi Interviews/Conversations by/with Marta Bellingreri Audio/Editing by Daniele Crisci (diAriA), musical excerpts Sahar Khalife and Badiaa Bouhrizi 00:00:00 Music “Shams” of Sahar Khalife and Introduction (English) A Conversation with Sally Shalabi (English) 00:54:14 Sally Shalabi Story “Al-Laymoona” (Arabic) 01:04: 58 Cerchi di Parola at “Casa di Ramia” (Italian) 01:34: 50 Une conversation avec Badiaa Bouhrizi (French)   ...


Episode 6

October 18, 2020 02:01:00
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Par où commencer ? - Série 5 - Circuler. Habiter. - Pressure and Solidarity in Art and Culture.

In the last decade, working in the art and culture field in Turkey but also globally became increasingly difficult. Art workers are under pressure on every possible front. The pressure manifests itself clearly in some cases like censorship incidents, court cases, and unlawful detentions but mostly is invisible and normalized through widespread self-censorship and precarious working-and-living conditions. The actual cases and methods may differ from country to country but the pressure is global. With the epidemic, especially the economic aspect of this pressure became more widespread and deepened, but at the same time inevitably became visible. The dreaded potentials of precarious working and living conditions suddenly came true. However, in this period, the real change in art and culture is the emergence of ingrained solidarity movements simultaneously and networked. In this two-hour radio broadcast titled “Pressure and Solidarity in Art and Culture”, we will talk about the current cases of political and economic pressure, and try to give an overview focusing on the growing solidarity movements in art and culture. We have a special concentration on the pandemic. Directed by Ekmel Ertan in collaboration with Eser Epözdemir, Zeynep Okyay, Seçil Yaylalı with participation of Kültigin Kaan Akbulut, Asena Günal, Osman Erden and Eda Yiğit. Translation and English dubbing made by Nafiz Akşehirli. Music composed by Mehmet Can Özer. ...


Episode 0

September 18, 2020 00:08:11
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Par où commencer ? - Série 1 - Résiter. Ouvrir. - Introduction

Introduction de la série 1 du cycle d'émissions "Par où commencer ?"   Cette première série "Résister. Ouvrir.", composée de 4 épisodes, s'ouvre par une exploration européenne en 2 parties depuis les Moulins de Paillard (Poncé-sur-le-Loir) et se termine avec un débat en forme de #Conversations pour une Europe créative. De Paris à Palerme, en passant par Sheffield, ce premier débat réunit 3 acteurs engagés dans la coopération européenne et dans une réflexion sur la mutation de leurs pratiques : Valérie Montmartin (Little Big Story - Paris), Giulia Crisci (curatrice - Palerme) et Ivor Davies (Conseiller en politiques culturelles internationales - Sheffield). ...