Par où commencer ? - Série 4 - Créer. Donner accès. - A trans-making journey.

Episode 7 October 11, 2020 01:36:15
Par où commencer ? - Série 4 - Créer. Donner accès. - A trans-making journey.
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Par où commencer ? - Série 4 - Créer. Donner accès. - A trans-making journey.

Oct 11 2020 | 01:36:15


Show Notes

The objective of the trans-making project is to strengthen research capacity through the exchange of knowledge, expertise, skills and experience between academic and non-academic partners from Europe and third countries in the framework of a joint research programme. Based on certain components of the project - its transdisciplinarity, its geography, its methodology (participatory, field, artistic), its rhythm (research across different places or research in a single place) and its diversity of topics, 3 lines of conversation and an original sound piece are proposed exploring different situations of sharing skills and knowledge, inviting us to reflect on knowledge-making.

A podcast by Ivor Davies and Fabienne Trotte. With the contribution and participation of Raúl Abeledo Sanchis, Oscar Blanco, Maïté Mazel, Charlotte Perrin, Gökhan Mura, Francisco Morillas and Haris Sahačić.

trans-making project received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the grant Marie Skłodowska-Curie n°734855.


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